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she believed she could so she did.....

The first official clients walked through Sanctuary doors for treatments on 5 March. Now a calendar month has gone by and I can reflect on things.

I have removed lots of skin tags; undertaken several facial red vein removals; sebaceous cysts; given quite a few facials; manicures; pedicures; provided skin care advice; and taken more bookings and re-bookings. The clinic is alive and my new home-based small business is thriving.

I am collecting encouraging comments and testimonies from clients and they are also telling friends and family. Word is passing round our village and I am meeting new friends.

I am so glad I took myself to Nottingham last year and undertook a Diploma Course in Advanced Epilation and purchased my Carlton machine which provides for the many cosmetic procedures including those mentioned above, in my very lovely health and beauty room.

The therapeutic value of a relaxing facial, manicure or pedicure with the fragrance of botanical extracts, such as geranium, lavender and camomile sends clients 'floating' home. Otherwise its #delightedwiththeresultsofskintagremoval# or other cosmetic treatment. See you soon ladies!(Gents by arrangement).

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